Water spray extinguishing systems protect objects and rooms which are susceptible to rapid outbreaks of fire. Whilst sprinkler systems selectively spray extinguishing water over the fire when necessary, water spray or water deluge systems can be used to extensively spray, cool and therefore protect larger technical objects. Furthermore, the flue-gas cleaning effect offers excellent personal protection in the event of a fire.

In principle, the system technology of water spray extinguishing systems corresponds to that of a sprinkler system (fixed pipelines with nozzles, valve stations, release mechanisms and a water supply). However, a crucial difference can be found in the fact that all extinguishing nozzles distributed over a protected area or object are always open and therefore ensure a rapid and targeted water flow over the extinguishing area once the system has been activated.

In the event of a fire, individual system groups can be controlled automatically (electrically, pneumatically, hydraulically) or activated by hand.


Areas of use for water spray extinguishing systems include for example:

  • Refineries and fuel depots
  • Timber-processing industry
  • Rolling mills
  • Power plant systems
  • Foam storage warehouses
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Furnaces
  • Cable ducts and conduits
  • Waste bunkers
  • Firework and ammunition factories
  • Stages