Security is the most important factor for people living today as in the past, fire danger and a threat to their highest counts. So to prevent it, a quick and targeted response is required. Engineering Company designs  arkafire over the years, has managed to scientific knowledge and practical expertise valuable projects in the field of consulting, design, installation and fire alarm systems, intelligent building and so on standards World to accomplish.
This series utilizes the latest technology in their projects or achievements of the world, has managed to constant efforts and important steps in the construction industry, telecommunications, ports and petrochemical industries.
arka fire company, with experience in large scale engineering in the field of fire protection systems and fire safety systems as well as implementing proud to serve with wisdom because you are honest and reliable for customers.
Permits and endorsements from industry leading
The holder of a contracting authority in the field of construction and power equipment
Providing consulting, implementation, sales
Holder approval from the fire department and safety services Country
EU engineering companies, electrical protection and safety nets
Has a staff of experienced, skilled and trained in all matters
Has experienced staff to raise awareness and free advice to your customers

consulting services

  • Conventional fire alarm system design and Drspzyr based on the standard (BS)
  • Design of automatic fire extinguishing systems, water (sprinkler and Fayrbaks·ha) standards (NFPA)
  • Automatic gas fire extinguishing system design based on standards (NFPA)
  • Intelligent home system design (Home Automation & BMS)
  • Hydraulic calculation of gas fire extinguishing systems (FM200, CO2, Halon)
  • Preparation of technical and economic feasibility Industries
  • Analysis of positioning wrapping camera locations
  • Buying advice intelligent home systems (Home Automation & BMS)

Engineering Services

  • View all cables are specially developed fire-resistant cables
  • Preparation of technical specifications electrical equipment
  • Providing technical inquiries
  • Technical and economic evaluation of procurement
  • Contracting process
  • Overseeing the construction and delivery of goods and equipment
  • Safety equipment building
  • IP and Analog Cameras Buying Advice

Services Executive

  • Implementation and installation of fire alarm systems
  • Implementation and installation of fire
  • Implementation and installation of Home Automation, BMS
  • Implementation and installation of surveillance cameras (CCTV)
  • Installation and commissioning all electronic and electrical systems
  • Approval from fire department
  • Service and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Service and maintenance of mechanical equipment