Heavy vehicles (HGVs, buses, construction machines) are often susceptible to fires. Many vehicles are used under the harshest conditions every day (e.g. construction machines) and therefore have large fuel tanks. In addition, they have a number of hot surfaces (engine block, exhaust manifold, turbocharger, brakes, etc.) on which flammable liquids could quickly ignite.





Of particular note is the fire load of a tanker loaded with diesel or petrol. In this instance, a fire could quickly lead to a catastrophe. The installation of an automatic detection and extinguishing system is the only efficient solution and can protect both human lives and assets.





Functional principle of the extinguishing system:

Detection takes place through a heat detector cable which is professionally inserted in the engine area. This cable is connected to a pressure container via an extinguishing agent computer. This container holds an extinguishing liquid which has been specially developed for vehicle protection.

Once the extinguishing system is activated, the extinguishing concentrate is released throughout the engine area and immediately extinguishes a fire. The engine components are covered with a thin film from the extinguishing concentrate. This film shields the flammable liquid from atmospheric oxygen and therefore prevents a reignition.