244020 Beam Smoke Detector/200 6500

The Beam Smoke Detector 6500 is used for the surveillance of open areas with a range of 5m to 70m (with accessories up to 100m). It consists of a combined transmitter-receiver unit which is integrated into a plastic housing. The detector is designed for application on the ADM loop using System Sensor/200AP protocol and is suitable for indoor mounting. A pulsed infrared beam emitted from the transmitter-receiver unit is reflected by a reflector (mirror). Alarm evaluation is achieved by detection of a reduced intensity of the light beam. The Beam Smoke Detector 6500 is supplied via the ADM loop and does not need an external power supply. Intelligent evaluation algorithms in the detector compensate for the impact of contamination of the optical sensing system. Thereby, the response sensitivity of the detector is kept constant for a long time, thus constituting an effective measure for preventing false alarms

The response sensitivity of the detector can be set to 6 different levels. Four levels show a fixed alarm threshold, 2 other levels provide an adaptation of the detector to changing ambient conditions by means of a variable alarm threshold

The detector is delivered with a reflector, which can be used for ranges from 5 to 70m. A three-part accessory is available to extend the range of the detector from 70 to 100m

Detection of clear and dark smoke

Sender and receiver integrated in a single housing

Sealed detector housing

Integrated dual-isolator, activation by removal of two jumpers

Receiver LED display for alarm and fault as well as display for preset values and commissioning support

Adjustment screws for an easy alignment of the detector

Test filter for optimal commissioning included in delivery