249265 – RF Expander /RF/CWE

The Conventional RF Expander FI700/RF/CWE serves as a gateway between a conventional fire detection system and wireless devices Series FI700/RF

The RF interface can administrate up to 32 automatic detectors, manual call points, modules or signaling devices. The range of up to 200m can be increased to more than 3km by using RF expanders FI700/RF/WE. The RF interface can be linked with a maximum of 15 RF expanders. In this way, a hierarchical RF system with a maximum of 6 levels can be created. The alarm is transmitted to the fire detection control panel by means of a relay contact. The configuration of the RF system is carried out through the PC software WirelEx. In addition to the parameterization of the RF system, this program also allows the analysis and graphical indication of signal strength and transmission quality

orthogonal antennas for safe radio communication

bi-directional data channels

High range of radio transmission