355282 – Sounder/12-24V/White/Multitone/107dB CWSO-WW-S1


– Sounder/12-24V/White/Multitone/107dB CWSO-WW-S1

The structure of the multitone sounder CWSO-WW-S1 is identical to that of the Sounder CWSO-RR-S1, but the CWSO-WW-S1 is integrated in a white plastic housing

The sound level is adjusted in 2 steps, by means of a DIL switch. If multiple sounders are used, the tones of all signalling devices on a line are synchronised in order to generate a uniform warning tone. The current consumption of the sounder depends on the tone and the operating voltage

32 different tones (e.g., Slow Whoop tone, DIN 33404 tone, continuous tone 800Hz)

Alternative tone for two-stage alarming possible

High sound level of more than 100dB, 2 selectable levels

Synchronisation of the sounder tones

Wide operating voltage range

Optional theft protection by means of screw

Suitable for surface mounting