Manual Call PointBlue700Hausalarm HM5720202 – 245774

The manual call point according to EN 54-11/B is accommodated in a blue aluminium die-cast housing and is designed for use on the ADM loop with Labor Strauss/700 protocol. The detector is activated by breaking the glass pane and pressing the button. The LED indicates the activated condition of the detector in red. The integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop at short circuit on the loop line

By means of the Programming Unit FI750/PU, the address of the detector can be set in the range 1 to 240. In addition, the programming unit allows the reading-out of parameters, such as the default analogue value or the production date. Furthermore, in case of connection to a compatible fire detection control panel, the detector can also be AUTO-addressed

Robust aluminium die-cast housing with a door aperture angle of more than 180°

(Operating instructions by symbols (EN 54-11

Function marking “HAUSALARM”, replaceable

Reverse polarity protection

Optical activation indication by means of LED Latching push button

Easy to replace standardised glass plate

Detector housing can be opened with key SCHL-HFM/HM (not included) Plenty of room for cabling