Manual Call PointBlue700Stopp HM5721802 – 245780

  The Manual Call Point HM/5/72/18/02 operates as electrical emergency hold device for gas extinguishing systems and is designed for use on the ADM loop with Labor Strauss/700 protocol. The detector is activated by breaking the glass pane and pressing the button. The LED indicates the activated condition of the detec- tor in red. The integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop at short circuit on the loop line

By means of the Programming Unit FI750/PU, the address of the detector can be set in the range 1 to 240. In addition, the programming unit allows the reading-out of parameters, such as the default analogue value or the production date. Furthermore, in case of connection to a compatible fire detection control panel, the detector can also be AUTO-addressed. The manual call point is accommodated in a blue aluminium die-cast housing and is tested in accordance with the standards EN 54-11/B, EN 54-17 and EN 12094-3

Robust aluminium die-cast housing with a door aperture angle of more than 180° Operating instructions by symbols -EN 54-11

Function marking “STOPP-TASTER-Gaslöschanlage”, replaceable Reverse polarity protection

(Optical activation indication by means of LED Push button (non-latching

Easy to replace standardised glass plate

Detector housing can be opened with key SCHL-HFM/HM (not included) Plenty of room for cabling

Increasing the protection class to IP54 by using the optional Protection Kit for Manual Call Point HFM/HM-ZS-IP54