Conventional installation of the clean agent FM-200-based fire extinguishing system is constrained by the size of protected area and distance for agent delivery. This is due to the fact that for such protected area, the quantity of agent becomes insufficient for fire extinguishing when FM-200 agent and the propelling Nitrogen are contained in a single cylinder and pressurized to about 25 bar.


To overcome this limitation, in 1998 Masteco Industry, Co., Ltd. started the development of FM-200 PFS in which a separate cylinder is added to contain the Nitrogen. The two cylinders are interconnected by suitable pipes and valves such that during discharge the high-pressure Nitrogen superpressurizes and pushes the extinguishing agent like a gas piston in order to sustain the required pressure and agent mass flow rate. This configuration enables the system to discharge more than 95% of the extinguishing agent over a wider protected area requiring longer agent flow distances within 10 seconds.