Despite the increasingly modern extinguishing agents and technologies available, water remains the most commonly used agent to extinguish fire. Water is also suitable for fighting incipient and large-scale fires. One condition for both cases is, of course, a sufficient extinguishing water supply. In addition to cast iron pipes, arkafire also specialises in using FM-tested underground polyethylene pipes (PE, PEHD).

Polyethylene is distinguished by durability and a high resistance to environmental influences. The main water supply pipe essentially serves as the main artery for every extinguishing system. A long material service life and a certain flexibility against mechanical influences are extremely important in order to ensure a reliable fire protection concept.




The extinguishing outlets connected to the main pipe are largely located above-ground and can be exchanged, maintained and renewed relatively easily. However, if a digger is required to exchange a leaking main pipe, this can be very expensive and can particularly cause disruption to business and transport processes. The polyethylene pipeline system therefore has many advantages. A simple and uncomplicated laying procedure is just one such advantage.



Advantages of the polyethylene pipeline system:

  • Flexibility and therefore lower risk of a leakage
  • Corrosion resistance
  • A service life of more than 50 years can not be surpassed by any other material