Water mist systems are a new technology in the development of automatic extinguishing systems. In contrast to conventional sprinkler systems, this system uses the extinguishing effect of very small droplets of water (water mist).

The water mist consists of extremely small droplets of water. The diameter of a droplet of water mist is approx. 50 µm. Under high pressure (> 35 bar), extinguishing water is compressed through the stainless steel pipes to the extinguishing nozzles. Water mist is produced through the special design of the nozzles. The necessary pressure is generated through high-pressure pumps or alternatively through pressurised gas cylinders (nitrogen).


The combination of an optimal droplet size and a dispersion of the droplets under high pressure, ensures a deep penetration of the water mist into the fire source and a rapid cooling of the flue gases. In addition, flue gases are cleaned from the air and this allows the fire brigade to enter the extinguishing area more quickly.



Comparison of
droplet sizes
Droplet (in µm) Reaction surface Number
of droplets
tropfen_sprinkler Sprinklers > 1000 1 1
tropfen_niederdruck Low-pressure 300 10 40
tropfen_hi-fog HI-FOG® 50 400 8000

The table presented above compares HI-FOG® with the typical low-pressure water mist technology and conventional sprinkler technology.


The extinguishing effect:

– Cooling
– Absorption (deflection of heat)
– Inertisation (local oxygen displacement)


The advantage of the misting systems in comparison to sprinkler systems is the low water consumption, that is, a lower water supply is necessary in comparison to a sprinkler system. The activation of this system therefore causes significantly less water damage.

This advantage makes the use of water mist systems particularly interesting and effective for certain applications.

This technology is therefore a very interesting alternative to conventional sprinkler technology, particularly for the fire protection of hotel buildings, office buildings and ships as well as archives and hospitals.


The low water requirements mean that significantly thinner pipelines can be used in comparison to sprinkler systems. This therefore means that installation can be carried out in places where the installation of thick and unsightly steel pipes would previously have been unthinkable. This is particularly relevant for old collections or historic buildings.

Through close cooperation with pioneers and leaders in technology, arkafire is able to offer its customers the best possible equipment. The continuous training of technicians also guarantees an optimal design and assembly of water mist systems.


Areas of use for water mist extinguishing systems include for example:

  • Hotels, hospitals
  • Archives
  • Warehouses
  • Painting lines
  • Gas turbines and generators in power plants
  • Test stands for engines (car manufacturing industry)
  • Wind turbines
  • Production machines
  • Engine compartments and passenger machines on ships
  • Cable ducts
  • Tunnel systems
  • Oil and gas applications
  • Automatic parking systems
  • Marine and offshore systems