210209 – Fire Detection Control Panel BC06-2/INT1

Same design as Fire Detection Control Panel BC06-1, but includes a 4-digit, non-reset able alarm counter in the display and operating field, according to EN 54-2. Enclosed with the control panel is a documentation in English language

Administration of up to 6 detector zones for manual call points, automatic fire detectors with or without alarm verification and fault detectors with or without self-resetting property

With the help of the optional MCP Coding Module MCM1-1, alarms from automatic detectors and manual call points, which are both connected to the same detector line, can be distinguished by the Fire Detection Control Panel Series BC06

The type of line terminator (end-of-line resistor or end-of-line capacitor) can be selected via parameterisation

Two monitored outputs for the connection of external alarming devices with the possibility of individual activation via ‘and/or’ combinations

Summary LED indicators for information about all current events