210223 – Fire/Extinguishing Control Panel BC06-1EXT/INT1

The combined Fire/Extinguishing Control Panel BC06-1EXT is a compact control panel for small fire detection and extinguishing systems with one flooding zone. The control panel fulfils all mandatory functions and the most important options of EN 12094-1. It was tested, according to the Construction Products Directive CPD, for compliance with the European Standards EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 12094-1 and is VdS certified

The control panel is integrated in a wall-mount cabinet. The cabinet consists of a powder coated steel sheet base and a removable plastic cabinet cover. In the basic version, the control panel contains 4 conventional detector zones for the connection of fire, fault and condition detectors, 2 freely parameterisable inputs, two independently monitored siren outputs as well as 2 relay outputs

Furthermore, the wall-mount cabinet can accommodate an optional componentry (Relay Module RL58-1 or RL58-2, Siren Connection Module SZ58-3, etc.) as well as stand-by batteries 2 × 12V/max. 7Ah. Enclosed with the control panel is a documentation in English language

The integrated extinguishing module provides inputs and outputs for the actuation and monitoring of the devices of an extinguishing system

Inputs for activation devices (for manual activation of the extinguishing system), for emergency hold devices (for delaying the flooding process) or for emergency abort devices

(Input for fault detectors (e.g., monitoring the pressure of the extinguishing agent

Inputs for a disable device (for displaying the mechanical blocking of the extinguishing agent’s pipe network), for a flooding switch (for displaying the flow of the exinguishing agent) and for switching into the manual only mode

Outputs for signalling devices (e.g., sirens, warning signs) to display the activated condition and the released condition

Extinguishing output for the line-monitored connection of the activation device for the extinguishing agent

8 open-collector outputs which output the conditions of the extinguishing module for further control tasks that may be required