214308 – Fire Detection Control Panel BC216-1S/INT1

The Fire Detection Control Panel BC216-1S/INT1 is a modularly designed compact control panel for small fire detection systems with a single ADM loop (ring-bus technology). It is an already completely mounted unit, which includes all basic components that are needed for the operation of a 1-loop fire detection control panel

The control panel is integrated in a wall-mount cabinet made of powder coated steel sheet and is equipped with a Loop Interface LIF64-1 by default. In addition, the control panel is prepared for accommodation of one Fire Brigade Interface FWI2-1, one Fire Brigade Interface Additional Board FWZ2-1, one LED Display Field LAB48, a Serial Interface Module SIM216-1 and further optional componentries as well as of standby batteries 2 × 12V/max. 22Ah. The mounting position for function module 2 is non-functional. The labeling of operating and display elements, display texts and text printouts come in English language

Additional features and functions of the contol panel can be found in the description of the Fire Detection Control Panel BC216-1/INT1 and the Loop Interface LIF64-1