Manual Call PointRed700Flexi FI700MCP – 245080

The manual call point according to EN 54-11/A is accommodated in a red plastic housing and is designed for use on the ADM loop with Labor Strauss/700 protocol. The detector is activated by pressing in the pla- stic pane without breaking it. The pane can be placed again into the idle position with a special key, thereby resetting the detector

A two-coloured LED indicates the activated condition of the detector in red, the fault condition in yellow and the loop polling in green. The integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop at short circuit on the loop line

By means of the Programming Unit FI750/PU, the address of the detector can be set in the range 1 to 240. In addition, the programming unit allows the reading-out of parameters, such as the default analogue value or the production date. Furthermore, in case of connection to a compatible fire detection control panel, the detector can also be AUTO-addressed

Operating instructions by symbols (EN 54-11) Activation by pressing in plastic pane without breaking it Plastic pane easy to reset

Mounting box and special key included in delivery Optional flush mounting on a 60mm installation box