249264 – RF Expander/700 FI700/RF/WE

By means of RF Expanders FI700/RF/WE, the range of a Loop RF Interface FI700/RF/W2W or a Conventional RF Interface FI700/RF/CWE can be increased to more than 3km. The expander serves as a gateway between the RF interface and the wireless devices Series FI700/RF

The expander can administrate up to 32 automatic detectors, manual call points, modules or signalling devices and 3 additional expanders. In this way, a hierarchical RF system with a maximum of 6 levels can be created. The expander itself does not occupy an address. The RF system is configured through the PC software WirelEx


Configuration by means of PC software

2 orthogonal antennas for safe radio communication

7 bi-directional data channels

High range of radio transmission