355284 – Sou-Strobe/12-24V/Re/Cl/Re/MT/107dB-O CWSS-RR-S3

The combined Sounder-Strobe CWSS-RR-S3 has 32 different tones, all of which have been tested according to EN 54-3. The tone is selected via DIL switches. If the sounder is actuated via 2 control panel outputs, it can also be operated with an alternative tone. In this way, multi-stage alarming with 2 different tones can be implemented. The sound level is adjusted in 2 steps, by means of a DIL switch

Thanks to the use of LEDs, the strobe with clear cap and red light has a very long lifespan and a low power consumption. The strobe has been tested according to EN 54-23 Class O (“open class”). Due to the lower illuminated room volume, as compared to classes W+C, the signalling device is not suitable for two sense evacuation. It is used for applications where additional optical alarming is desired. Thanks to the optimized design of the cap, the strobe evenly emits light in all directions, and therefore it can be mounted in any orientation

Different tones (e.g., Slow Whoop tone, DIN 33404 tone, continuous tone 800Hz

Alternative tone for two-stage alarming possible

High sound level of more than 100dB, 2 selectable levels

Synchronisation of the sounder tones and flash pulses

Wide operating voltage range

Optional theft protection by means of screw

Suitable for surface mounting