years of research, development and experience combined with the most up to date equipment and production technics make ARMTEX a good choice

First class craftsmanship, a rigorous quality control of raw materials and finished products make ARMTEX an even better choice

30.000.000 feet in use by professional fire fighters through out the world acknowledges the superior quality of ARMTEX and make it your best choice in fire hose

ARMTEX is woven in modern circular looms producing a seamless 100% synthetic reinforcement forming a single body with the cover and inner lining of the hose. The synthetic rubber compound used in the result of long experience and research becomes intimately interlocked to the reinforcement, without the need of glues or adhesives of any use

The especial compound of the rubber cover and its profile protect the hose from damage by abrasion, hot metal contact, puncture or impact

ARMTEX is manufactured to resist a wide range of chemical products: oil, hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, salt water, etc

Outstanding performance at extreme temperatures -37°C (-35°F) + 50°C (122°F). Protected against ozone, ultraviolet and atmospheric weather

ARMTEX HD is superior to a double jacket constructions in kink and flow performance even at low pressures

A quick wipe down is sufficient to remove dirt and grit. If necessary it can be jet washed and detergent to remove chemicals etc

No need to dry the hose. ARMTEX is mildew, rotproof and waterproof. Just clean and coil and the hose is ready for service again

ARMTEX is easily repaired when damaged by cuts or puncture. Our REPOKIT is quick and simple to use