Extinguishing Control Panel Series LC216, Description – 218990T

The Extinguishing Control Panel Series LC216 is an extended Fire Detection Control Panel BC216 with electrical control equipment for extinguishing systems. All functions of the fire detection control panel remain intact after the extension. A combined use as fire detection and extinguishing control panel is possible without further options. The Extinguishing Control Panel Family Series LC216 includes the following types of control panels. The Extinguishing Control Panel LC216-1 for an extinguishing system with one flooding zone according to EN 12094-1 or with up to 8 flooding zones without com- pliance with EN 12094-1

The networked Extinguishing Control Panel LCnet216 with up to 127 extinguishing systems. The Control Panel LCnet216 consists of several sectional control panels, which are interconnected via the Global Security System Network GSSnet and thereby form a decentralised extinguishing system. Each extinguishing system can control up to 32 flooding zones, and each LCnet sectional control panel is able to administrate up to 8 flooding zones. A maximum of 127 flooding zones can be controlled by the networked Extinguishing Control Panel LCnet216