Sou-Strobe/IP66/XP95ISM/Red/Red/Mul/100 55000-298

The addressable multitone sounder with integrated strobe 55000-298 is installed in a red plastic housing with red cap and is prepared for outdoor surface mounting. The unit is actuated using Apollo/Discovery protocol and powered via the ADM loop. The sounder is always activated together with the strobe

The integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop at short circuit on the loop line. A short circuit on the loop is indicated by a yellow status LED. If several sounders are actuated in parallel, they are synchronised by the control panel to generate a uniform warning tone

Depending on the parameter setup of the fire detection control panel and the system condition, the panel can activate the sounder with tone A or B. The tone type of tones A and B is set via a DIL switch, with selection out of 3 combinations

Different tone type combinations selectable via DIL switch (e.g., continuous tone 900Hz, DIN 33 404

(tone 1200 – 500Hz, Slow Whoop tone 500 – 1200Hz

Sound level adjustable in two steps

Easy address setting via DIL switch