Automatic Purging Unit Series AFE70

• Fully integrated compact system
Use in smoke aspiration systems and
with fire detection control panels by
any manufacturer
Patented design without air resistance
as defined by EN 54-20
Selectable purging program –
preventive or event-triggered
Several systems can be coupled in
master-slave mode
Smoke aspiration systems continuously sample air from
the monitored room through a sensor pipe network with
aspiration holes. In the evaluation unit the samples are
examined for typical characteristics of fire.
Over the operating time, the continuous aspiration of air
from the room causes contamination of the pipe system
and the small aspiration holes, which can disturb the
measuring process. In order to prevent this contamina­
tion, pipe systems and filters must be regularly „
with compressed air.
In contrast to conventional systems, the Automatic
Purging Units Series AFE70 by Labor Strauss only has
one built­in solenoid valve. Through this valve, the eva­
luation unit is isolated from the pipe system in order
to protect the evaluation unit against damage caused
by the compressed air. At the same time the valve is
also used to introduce the compressed air into the pipe
With their thoughtful and patented design, the Automa­
tic Purging Units Series AFE70 ensure completely un­
hindered air flow from the sensor pipe network through
the purging unit to the evaluation unit of the smoke aspi­
ration system. The solenoid valve is actuated through a
control board that is integrated into the housing.
Thanks to the compact structure of the Automatic
Purging Units Series AFE70 and the integration of all
components in a housing, the extensive mechanical
installations and electrical control devices required for
conventional purging systems as well as the piping and
cabling needed for this can be saved.
The unit is available in 2 versions:
the Automatic Purging Unit AFE70-1 with an air flow
rate of typ. 1000l/min is intended for smaller pipe
the Automatic Purging Unit AFE70-2 with an air flow
rate of typ. 3500l/min is designed for larger pipe net
The following features distinguish the Automatic Purging
Units Series AFE70:
6 purging programs, each with short or long purging
manual control by means of an external push-button
internal clock for up to 6 daily timed, preventive pur
ging processes
automatic start if fault message is received from
smoke aspiration system
if there are several AFE70‘s, a time delay between the
purging processes of the individual units can be used
to avoid rapid consumption of large compressed­air
master-slave mode with actuation of one or more
functional over a wide pressure range
prepared for connection to all usual fire detection
control panels and smoke aspiration systems
easy commissioning without software tools
multicoloured LED indicates the system conditions