Extinguishing Control Panel BC06-1EXT, BC06-2EXT

For application in single‑zone
extinguishing systems
4 detector zones in conventional
Differentiation between the activation
of automatic detectors and manual
call points on the same detector line
Clear display and operation on the
panel front
EN 54, EN 12094‑1, VdS certified
Already in the basic version the combined Fire/Extingu-
ishing Control Panels BC06-1EXT and BC06-2EXT are
equipped with four detector lines and the Extinguishing
Board EXB1-1 and, owing to its sophisticated factory
settings, are immediately ready for operation. This al-
lows for quick and efficient application of the product.
The conventional technology allows for the connection
of automatic and non-automatic fire detectors as well
as a wide range of special detectors with contact out-
put. Alarms from manual call points and from automatic
detectors that are connected together to one detector
line can be differentiated and thus evaluated differently
by the fire/extinguishing control panel, by means of an
optional coding module.
Thanks to the two auxiliary inputs whose parameters
can be freely set as well as the eight open-collector out-
puts, manifold tasks in the field of fire alarm technology
can be realised.
The optional evacuation function serves for the actu-
ation of alarming devices independent from activated
Thanks to the integrated extinguishing module, the
BC06 can be used as an extinguishing control panel
according to EN 12094-1 with one flooding zone. The
module provides appropriate inputs and outputs for con-
trolling and monitoring a flooding zone. The display and
operating elements that are necessary for the status
indication and the operation of the extinguishing module
are integrated into the keypad.
A printer for the event log can be connected via the
optional Serial Interface Modul SIM06-1.
The Fire/Extinguishing Control Panel BC06-2EXT dif-
fers from the BC06-1EXT by the additionally integrated
4-digit electronic alarm counter