Fire Detection Control Panel BC016-1INT1 – 210102

The Fire Detection Control Panel BC016-1/INT1 is a compact control panel for small and medium-size fire detection systems in conventional technology. Depending on the boards inserted you can connect fire detectors, fault detectors and condition detectors to a maximum of 16 detector lines in addressable conventional technology. Furthermore, up to 16 actuations, 9 alarming devices and 3 transmitting devices can be connected. Thanks to its wide range of possible logic combinations for alarming and transmitting devices as well as for actuations, the control panel can realise even extensive and complex alarming and control tasks in the fire alarm technology. It was tested, according to the Construction Products Directive CPD, for compliance with the European Standards EN 54-2 and EN 54-4, including all options for the highest safety demands, and is VdS certified

Administration of up to 16 detector zones for manual call points, automatic fire detectors with or without alarm verification, technical messages and fault detectors with or without self-resetting property Administration of 3 transmitting devices, 9 alarming devices

INFO field with a 2 line by 16 character text display providing information about all current events

Info button for additional information on the current events

16 Double LEDs (left hand side: red, right hand side: yellow), automatically assigned to the parameteri- sed zones and displaying the activation as well as the disablement or fault condition of the zones Designation labels allow for individual marking of every double LED

The event memory stores the latest 200 events in chronological order

Display of activation, fault, disablement, alarm delay, call fire brigade and confirmation of the transmit- ting device to the fire brigade

Monitored output for the connection of external signalling devices with display of activation, fault or disablement

3 Dry, freely parameterisable contact outputs; default setup includes two outputs preset for EN 54 requirements (summary alarm and summary fault

16 Open-collector outputs which can be freely parameterised as transmitting devices, alarming devices, actuations or other output functions

Hierarchized authorisation levels for operation and parameterisation, secured via numeric codes Alarm delay with dead-man’s handle controlled by internal timer which can be set separately for each day of the week

Start and end date of Daylight Saving Time according to EU directive or freely parameterisable Non-resettable electronic event counter

1 mounting position for serial interface SIM216-1 (RS232C interface for the connection of a PC with Windows Parameter Setup Software PARSOFT-1 or a serial protocol printer) or SIM016-3 (INFO bus interface for the connection of fire brigade control units and intelligent remote tableaus