Flame Detector/UVIR2 – 16591

The Flame Detector 16591 responds to the flickering infrared radiation of open flames and is, therefore, extremely well suitable for the detection of fires with low smoke development – for example, alcoholic fires or gas flames. Thanks to the combination of two independent infrared sensors for different wavelengths and an UV sensor, the detector can particularly safely distinguish between fire situations and deceptive variables. Therefore, it is extremely insensitive to disturbance sources such as sunlight, fluorescent lamps or electric arcs. The detector complies with EN 54-10, Class 1, which means it is suitable for applications with a range

of up to 25m. The response delay can be selected in 4 steps between 1 and 8s. The alarm and the fault condition are signaled via two dry relay contacts. The functioning of the detector can be checked by means of the integrated self test function. During this self test, the detector is activated by a built-in source of infrared and UV light

Highest immunity to deceptive alarms

Applicable in conventional technology

Connection to an ADM loop via a conventional zone module possible

Integrated optical self test function