Optical Detector/700/RF/Complete FI700/RF/O

The wireless optical smoke detector FI700/RF/O operates with an optical sensing chamber based on the principle of scattered light. The detector communicates with a fire detection control panel in loop technology (Labor Strauss/700 protocol) via the Loop RF Interface FI700/RF/W2W. Alternatively, the Conventional RF Expander FI700/RF/CWE serves as gateway in a conventional fire detection system. In the configuration of the RF interface, one of 3 sensitivity levels can be selected, thereby adapting the detector optimally to the respective application. Two batteries are accommodated in the detector base. Normally, the detector is powered by the main battery. In the event of a failure of the main battery, the secondary battery powers the detector. The two-coloured LED indicator with 360° visibility indicates the activated condition of the detector as well as further operating conditions

The wireless detector is particularly suitable for applications where cabling is impossible or uneconomical. The detector is integrated in a white housing and is designed for indoor mounting. The base and both batteries are included in the delivery

Long battery life of 5 years

High range of radio transmission

During the learning phase, the address can be set in the range 2 to 240 by means of the configuration

software WirelEx

Mechanical theft protection in the base

Double dust trap and insect screen

Easy function testing by means of magnet or test gas