Sou-Strobe12-24VReClReMT107dB-WC CWSS-RR-S5 – 355286

Sou-Strobe12-24VReClReMT107dB-WC CWSS-RR-S5 – 355286

The combined Sounder-Strobe CWSS-RR-S5 has 32 different tones, all of which have been tested according to EN 54-3. The tone is selected via DIL switches. If the sounder is actuated via 2 control panel outputs, it can also be operated with an alternative tone. In this way, multi-stage alarming with 2 different tonescan be implemented. The sound level is adjusted in 2 steps, by means of a DIL switch

Thanks to the use of LEDs, the strobe with clear cap and red light has a very long lifespan and a low power consumption. The strobe has been tested according to EN 54-23 Classes W+C (wall+ceiling) and therefore this single type is suitable both for wall mounting as well as for ceiling mounting. The signalling device is used if optical alarming according to EN 54-23 is required. Thanks to the optimised design of the cap, the strobe evenly emits light in all directions, and therefore it can be mounted in any orientation

If multiple sounder-strobes are used, the tones as well as the flash periods of all signalling devices on a line are synchronised in order to generate a uniform warning tone and light pulse. The current consumption of the combi signalling device depends on the tone and the operating voltage

The sounder-strobe is integrated in a red plastic housing and is designed for indoor mounting. The unit comes with a standard base, the cables are entered from the back or – in the case of surface mounted cabling from the side

32 different tones (e.g., Slow Whoop tone, DIN 33404 tone, continuous tone 800Hz

Alternative tone for two-stage alarming possible

High sound level of more than 100dB, 2 selectable levels

Red high-performance LEDs

Synchronisation of the sounder tones and flash pulses

Wide operating voltage range

Optional theft protection by means of screw

Suitable for surface mounting