Sounder12-24VRedMultitone107dB CWSO-RR-W1 – 355281

different tones (e.g., Slow Whoop tone, DIN 33404 tone, continuous tone 800Hz

Alternative tone for two-stage alarming possible

High sound level of more than 100dB, 2 selectable levels

Synchronisation of the sounder tones

Wide operating voltage range

Optional theft protection by means of screw

Suitable for surface mounting

Sounder12-24VRedMultitone107dB CWSO-RR-W1 – 355281

The structure of the multitone sounder CWSO-RR-W1 is identical to that of the Sounder CWSO-RR-S1, but the CWSO-RR-W1 comes with a deep base. On the two flattened sides of the base, 3 openings (Ø19mm) can be broken out so that PG screw connections can be inserted. Thanks to the robust design, the sounder is suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions