Sounder750ISMWhiteMultitone FI750WBMTSOUW – 355202

The loop sounder FI700/WB/MT/SOUW is actuated and supplied via the ADM loop with Labor Strauss/700 protocol. Depending on the parameter setup of the fire detection control panel and the system condition, the control panel can activate the sounder with tone A, B or C. If several sounders are actuated in parallel, they are synchronised by the fire detection control panel to generate a uniform warning tone

The sounder is integrated in a white plastic housing and is designed for indoor ceiling mounting. The inte- grated detector base accommodates an automatic detector Series FI700. By means of the Programming Unit FI700/PU, the loop address is set in the range 1 to 240. Furthermore, in case of connection to a compatible fire detection control panel, the sounder can also be AUTO-addressed. The integrated dual-isolator discon- nects the loop  at short circuit on the loop line

different tones

Slow Whoop tone 500-1200Hz, DIN tone 1200-500Hz, continuous tone 1kHz Low power consumption

different sound levels