210103 – Fire Detection Control Panel BC016-1/S1

The functions, specifications and cross-references of the Swedish version of the Fire Detection Control Panel BC016-1 correspond to those of the Fire Detection Control Panel BC016-1/INT1. In addition, a lock according to the standard SS 3654 is integrated in the operating field. By means of this lock, the fire brigade personnel can directly access authorization level 2

The labels of the display and operating elements as well as the displayed and printer texts are in Swedish language. Enclosed with the control panel is a documentation in Swedish language

Administration of up to 16 detector zones for manual call points, automatic fire detectors with or without alarm verification, technical messages and fault detectors with or without self-resetting property

Administration of 3 transmitting devices, 9 alarming devices and 16 actuations

INFO field with a 2 line by 16 character text display providing information about all current events

Info button for additional information on the current events

16 double LEDs (left hand side: red, right hand side: yellow), automatically assigned to the parameterized zones and displaying the activation as well as the disablement or fault condition of the zones

Designation labels allow for individual marking of every double LED

The event memory stores the latest 200 events in chronological order

Display of activation, fault, disablement, alarm delay, call fire brigade and confirmation of the transmitting device to the fire brigade