210211 – Fire Detection Control Panel BC06-1/S1

The functions, specifications and cross-references of the Swedish version of the Fire Detection Control Panel BC06-1 correspond to those of the Fire Detection Control Panel BC06-1/INT1. In addition, a lock according to the standard SS 3654 is integrated in the operating field. By means of this lock, the fire brigade personnel can directly access authorization level 2

Enclosed with the control panel is a documentation in Swedish language

Displays can be labelled individually with labelling strips, which are inserted into the front foil

Event memory for the last 50 events in chronological order, to be output via the serial interface

2 dry contact outputs. These outputs are pre-set in the factory settings according to EN 54 standards (summary alarm and summary fault

8 open-collector outputs, that automatically signal the activated condition of each zone and one summary output each for fault condition and disabled condition of the zones

Button ‘Panel reset’ for common reset of all current events

3 authorisation levels for operation and parameterisation, secured by numeric codes

A mounting position for a Serial Interface Module SIM06-1, for connection of a serial protocol printer

Control panel case provides space for accommodating stand-by batteries 2 × 12V/max. 7Ah