211132 – Power Supply NT608-1

The power unit NT608-1 is used as power supply of a Fire Detection Control Panel Series BC600 and the connected additional devices as well as for charging the stand-by batteries. The power unit is implemented in the form of a primary switched-mode power supply with high efficiency, which results in low self-heating and a long life span

The power unit NT608-1 can be installed as extension in a Control Panel BC600-16xxx in the large wall-mount cabinet or in an Extension Housing GEHZ600-16 as well as in a Control Panel BC600-E, which has been assembled in a switch cabinet. Up to 4 Power Supplies NT604-1 or NT608-1 can be managed per control panel. The output voltage is available at six connectors that are intended for connection of the system supply cables. The data connection to the central processing board is established via the system bus

The power unit monitors all important characteristic values of the power supply (e.g., mains voltage, battery voltage, internal resistance of the stand-by battery, earth fault, supply voltage of the external devices). A malfunction is transmitted to the central processing board as fault. The stand-by batteries are charged with current limiting and temperature optimisation