Extinguishing-Control 8-Area-Licence LC216-8LB – 218024

The license for extinguishing control panel is required for the administration of up to 8 flooding zones at the Fire Detection Control Panel Series BC216. This license allows you to manage up to 8 flooding zones on one control panel or sectional control panel. Setup of the required parameters is accomplished using PARSOFT. The functions are specifically adapted to the requirements of EN 12094-1. If the system size or country-specific regulations require redundant operation of the extinguishing control panels, additional licenses are required for the redundant control panels

Each sectional control panel that is used for extinguishing control in the network requires a license. The Extinguishing Control Panel Series LC216 can only be operated on a central processing board ZTB216-2 with at least hardware version V4 as well as on a loop gateway board BCB216-3LG with at least hardware version V3. The type of the board is printed on a label. The version number is the last digit of the PCB version, that is printed in the left bottom corner of the PCB (e.g., PN5233S4 for V4). Furthermore, a firmware version PL149 Vx.20 or newer and a PARSOFT version V1.20 or newer are required for the operation and the setup of the extinguishing control panel, respectively