Thermal Detector700 FI700T -242080

The Thermal Detector FI700/T is based on the principle of heat detection. On the fire detection control panel, the detector can be parameterised as rate-of-rise detector with a maximum temperature of 58°C (Class A1R) or as maximum heat detector with an alarm temperature of 78°C (Class BS). The detector is designed for use on ADM loops with Labor Strauss/700 protocol

The two-coloured LED indicator with 360° visibility indicates the activated condition of the detector in red and the test condition in green. An output for the connection of a remote indicator is available. The integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop at short circuit on the loop line. By means of the Programming Unit FI700/PU, the address of the detector can be set in the range 1 to 240. In addition, the programming unit allows for the reading-out of parameters, such as the default analogue valueor the production date

Output for external remote indicator

Mechanical theft protection in the base

Easy function testing by means of magnet or test device for thermal detectors