Optical Smoke Detector650 FC650O – 241072

Optical Smoke Detector650 FC650O – 241072

The Optical Smoke Detector FC650/O operates with an optical sensing chamber based on the principle of scattered light. The detector is designed for applications using addressable conventional technology. For quick localisation in the event of an alarm, each detector can be assigned an address by adding an Address Module NG58-1 to the mounting base. The address of the detector in alarm condition as well as the as- signed text is displayed on a compatible fire detection control panel. Intelligent evaluation algorithms in the detector compensate for the impact of contamination of the optical sensing system. Thereby, the response sensitivity of the detector is kept constant for a long time, thus con- stituting an effective measure for preventing false alarms.

By means of the Programming Unit FI700/PU, the function of the status LED in normal condition can be set and detector-specific parameters such as the contamination of the optical chamber or the production date can be read out.  An LED indicator, visible from all angles, displays the activated condition of the detector. The detector is accommodated in a white housing and is designed for indoor mounting. Several base versions are available for mounting the detecto

Output for external remote indicator Mechanical theft

protection in the base Insect screen and double dust trap

Easy function testing using a magnet or test gas