223026 – Siren Connection Module SZ58-3

The Siren Connection Module SZ58-3 is designed with four siren circuits for activation of remote signaling devices (e.g., sirens, strobes) to expand control panels Series BC600, Series BC216, BC016 and BC06. All four siren circuits have separately actuatable, individually fused and monitored outputs. In addition, each circuit contains a separate fault detection output. Monitored signalling devices may either be supplied by the control panel or, at higher current demand, by an external power supply

individually fused and monitored siren circuits

Display of ‘active’ and ‘fault’ state of each circuit

Separate fault detection output for each siren circuit with direct response to a conventional detector zone, an input on the central processing board or an input on the fire brigade interface

Activation via external switches or open-collector outputs of the control panel, connection either with terminals or flat cable

Monitoring of the supply voltage of siren circuits

Monitoring of signalling device lines by negative monitoring voltage – thereby, the activation of signaling devices is avoided by the monitoring quiescent current