Halocarbon Systems

Low initial cost than other gaseous systems

Smallest required space to install hardware than other gaseous systems

(Fastest discharge & Extinguishing time (10 ~ 30 seconds

No adverse effect on environment

Design flexibility due to various size of cylinder (5 ~ 240 liters) and two ranges of system pressure 25 & 42 bar

Protection of either normally occupied or non-occupied spaces

Retrofitting of HALON with minimum change in existed distribution piping network

Completely certified systems by famous Notified bodies such as UL® and EPA

Possibility of local recharging of discharged cylinders

Lowest maintenance costs because of low Number of hardware components

No need to special devices such as excessive pressure relief damper for protected room

Safe agent regarding any suffocation or barotraumas

Halocarbon systems are recognized by NFPA as clean agents to suppress all A, B, C classes of fires especially in normally occupied protected spaces such as control rooms, museum, libraries and etc. Nowadays, because of many advantages such low pressure and no Barotraumas danger, no suffocating dangers, these systems going to be first choice of clients to protect the areas by a gaseous system