Remote Indicator/700/RF FI700/RF/PA-2

The RF Remote Indicator FI700/RF/PA-2 is designed for the remote indication of a detector activation in the wireless fire detection system FI700/RF. As the activation can be freely parameterised, the remote indicator can indicate the activation of any combination of detectors. The indicator communicates with a fire detection control panel in loop technology (Labor Strauss/700 protocol) via the Loop RF Interface FI700/RF/W2W. Alternatively, the Conventional RF Expander FI700/RF/CWE serves as gateway in a conventional fire detection system

The RF remote indicator is particularly suitable for applications where cabling is impossible or uneconomical. The indicator is integrated in a white housing and is designed for indoor mounting. Both batteries are included in the delivery

High-power LED

High range of radio transmission

During the learning phase, the address can be set in the range 2 to 240 by means of the configuration

Software WirelEx

Plastic case with red cap