‘- Thermal Max Detector650BS FC650TMAX78

– Thermal Max Detector650BS FC650TMAX78

The Thermal Max Detector FC650/TMAX/78 reacts to a maximum temperature of 78°C according to EN 54-5, Class BS. The detector is designed for use in addressable conventional technology and is suitable for indoor mounting up to a maximum room height of 6m

By means of the Programming Unit FI700/PU, the preset temperature class according to EN 54-5can be changed, the function of the status LED in normal condition can be set and parameters such as the producti- on date can be read out. For quick localisation in the event of an alarm, each detector can be assigned an address by adding an Ad- dress Module NG58-1 to the mounting base. The address of the detector in alarm condition as well as the assigned text is displayed on a compatible fire detection control panel

An LED indicator, visible from all angles, displays the activated condition of the detector. The detector is accommodated in a white housing. Several base versions are available for mounting the detector

Output for external remote indicator Mechanical theft

protection in the base Easy function testing using a magnet